UFO Sighting in New York, New York on November 3rd 2015 – two round dull lighted vehicles flying at incredible speeds straight over traveling westerly and fading out

Two large round disc shape flying dull lights on bottom and traveling at incredible speed next to each other in a westerly direction. No sound or blinking or colored lights were observed. First observed straight overhead and observed for about 5 seconds as they faded out traveling to western horizon. They appeared to slowly turn as it was not straight line but were turning slowly to the right before they faded out into sky. These two discs seemed to be the same thing I saw couple years ago from same location. I have submitted another sighting from same location couple years ago when 2 large discs were observed flying at incredible speed along edge of cloud bank while still light out traveling sse that were definetely large round grey discs flying next to each other with darker panel type parts on bottom traveling from horizon to horizon along with 30 second sighting of 3 golden lights traveling together with lead light traveling straight line while 2 lights behind were swooping around each other behind. The lights on tonights ufo’s were very dim but reason I noticed them. A shooting star was observed about 8 seconds after discs were observed just north of their path of travel.

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