UFO Sighting in Pueblo, Colorado on October 13th 2015 – Military jets flew over friends home woke me up looked to SW towards Sangre de Cristo’s saw bright orbs going from ground up to large boomerang craft hovering

I was awaken at about 3:30 a.m. on 10-13-15, as Military Jets flew low over friends home at far west end of Pueblo West, CO. From his front bedroom window I observed the military jets flying SW towards the far south end of the Sande de Cristo mtns. As I watched I saw about 4-6 bright colored orbs go from ground to ski (like a roman candle). The orbs appeared to disappear in the sky. As I focused, I could see an outline of large bomerang shaped craft (outline/silhouette) as it blocked out the stars in the sky. Orbs seemed to be disappearing near the tail of the craft, on the passenger side. Military craft flying without lights but could view their afterburners from engines. They flew back and forth in somewhat of straight line. I wondered if I had a dream or what? But another person observed same, but doesn’t want to be identified at all_–so I guess I’m not crazy.

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