UFO Sighting in Saugatuck, Michigan on November 2nd 2015 – Took place between 5 and 5:30PM, daylight. There was light traffic – Blue Star Highway, traveling south between Holland and Saugatuck – closer to Saugatuck.

Driving southwestward on Blue Star Highway in SW Michigan. Saugatuck was the nearest town. Lake Michigan as the crow flies, less than five miles.

Between 5 and 5:30PM, daylight. Low and near enough to see if it was plane, helicopter or drone. It was not. Almost egg shaped, reflective metal sparkling in the sky. No plane wings, no helicopter and not a drone at that height.

It was there roughly 15 to 20 seconds, upward and ahead of me. I was not gaining ground on it, so it was moving but not fast.

Glimpsed up and down a number of times, I needed to keep part of my focus on driving. On third or fourth glimpse, it was gone…

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