Michael Salla’s: Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs & Extraterrestrial Alliances

Michael Salla’s book Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs & Extraterrestrial Alliances.

This is a very well written and researched book that covers the chain of events from the 1920’s to present day involving space capabilities of modern man. I recommend it to anyone interested in the truth about space craft and the shadowy groups that operate them. Most of the information comes from whistleblower Corey Goode who was with the Secret Space Program for twenty years. He’s now acting as a spokesperson for the Blue Avians and Sphere Being Alliance. They have 100 moon to Jupiter sized craft in the solar system. They put up a frequency wall that surrounds our system to mitigate the galactic super waves emanating from the core of the galaxy. The waves fundamentally change the structure of matter and consciousness. The barrier also act as a quarantine mechanism to keep out the Dark Fleet who are a service to self group.

The birth place of modern space capable craft comes from the Vril Society and channeled information from the Aldebaran star system on how to construct them. A very similar scenario was depicted in the movie Contact. Before the start of WWII Hitler ordered the most advanced saucer craft to be relocated to Antarctica which would turn out to be a decision that would set the course of history. The Vril and higher echelon SS members worked together and after the war in 1947 Truman sent Admiral Byrd and a small armada to Antarctica to eliminate the Nazis and their bases in Operation High Jump. What happened is they were defeated by the more advanced saucer craft. This forced the US government to sign secret agreements with them which allowed them to infiltrate the Military Industrial Complex and NASA. With the members of Operation Paperclip they succeeded in a government wide takeover. Before Eisenhower left office he said “Beware the Military Industrial Complex.” By 1942 the Vril/SS landed on the moon and started construction of a base which is in the shape of a swastika. The allied forces were able to recover a lot of technology and documents from Germany & Austria, but struggled to reverse engineer what they had found. All recovered craft were taken to S4 the companion site of Area 51.

He covers the types of propulsion systems such as electrogravitics, Magnetic Field Disrupters & gravity cancellation. He wrote about inventor and one of Tesla’s students Otis Carr who claims to have built a working space craft. The technologies threatened the global financial system because it would end the dependency on fuel.
He describes the evolution of Solar Warden which patrols the solar system, the Secret Space Program (SSP) which was in the 80’s funded through the Star Wars initiative, the Dark Fleet which is a Cabal/Illuminati controlled group that primarily operates outside the solar system & The Global Galactic League of Nations that’s controlled by the United Nations. There are colonies on Mars that manufacture goods as barter items with over 900 off world civilizations.

According to Goode and the Sphere Beings a disclosure event will take place then an ascension event which will move us into a higher octave. Consciousness has a polarity with service to self and service to others. Which path we collectively decide determines our evolutionary path and where we will incarnate.


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