UFO Sighting in Ashland, Maine on July 26th 2015 – I observed a light in the night sky that changed direction, ascended, descended rapidly.

July 26, 2015 around 2:45AM in Northern Maine I stepped outside on the back steps for some clean night air before I turned in for the night. I looked up as I always do at night to enjoy the numerous stars in the night sky. It was no more than 20seconds when I locked onto a light that was displaying erratic flight patterns covering vast area of the sky in what appeared to be milliseconds. I knew this was no man made aircraft. I watched as the light would shoot from one side to the next rising, diving, turning, wobbling, and even going in circles as it rose so I could see the lights on outside then the lights on the inside of the object. It repeated the same movements in the sky much like a military aircraft pilot might fly a sortie. I felt more than safe as the object I watched for at least 15 minutes was to far away from me and it appeared to me as a ball of light most of the time while I viewed the object. I shot video of the object and only just two weeks ago viewed it before I was about to delete it. Wow!!! I was floored at the beauty of the majestic flight, colors, speed, that this craft preformed. I actually got tired of viewing the object and I went to bed shortly after 3am it was still in the sky bouncing about. I did wish I could have gone along for the ride. Three of the pictures are blown up stills from the video and are all the same object. This is not the first experience for me I know what I saw and this time I have the proof, thanks for reading.

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