Biowar Covertly Waged On U.S. Citizens Since The 1950’s

The United States military produced a classified film in 1952 documenting covert operations for offensive biological and chemical warfare. On September 30, 2015 this film was finally declassified due to a FOIA request from Government The U.S. Navy Training film titled “Naval Concepts of Biological and Chemical Warfare” documents tests conducted on the western and eastern coastlines of the United States. Clouds of a bacteria known as Serratia marcescens were sprayed on 43 sites within the Bay Area of California. This dubious experiment resulted in eleven people being admitted to the hospital with severe urinary tract infections and the death of Edward Nevin who was recovering from prostate surgery. The military never responded to the Stanford University Hospital Doctor’s investigation. And the incident went down as the first recorded outbreak of Serratia in the history of microbiology.

The declassified Navy film depicts the beginning of what would spiral into the military testing biological warfare at least 239 times in major cities up and down the coastlines of the United States. The tests went on as planned until Richard Nixon issued an order to end the germ warfare operations and stockpiling of biological agents.

As a result of the horrors detailed at the Nuremberg trials following World War 2, a Nuremberg Code was established. The U.S. military’s covert operations in Germ Warfare broke that code secretly, attacking it’s own citizens no less. Is it any wonder the chem trails now blanketing our skies, are being overlooked by a tyrannical government soft killing its citizens once again?
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