Swear I spotted a UFO tonight (have pictures)!

Tonight while driving with my girl friend we saw a strange extremely bright light just hovering off in the distance of the sky. It almost looked as if it was a planet at first, but it was just to close and bright. As we drove closer to this object in the sky we found it was slowly moving hovering above. So slowly that we did not notice it’s movements until we had gotten much closer. It did not have any blinking lights whatsoever as it flew over my girlfriend told me she has to grab her phone and take a picture right away, we opened my sun roof and she snapped a few photos. I for one am completely open to anyone’s personal thoughts of this regarding the authenticity. I can promise we have not done anything to modify the image these are zoomed in shots taken on an iphone5 at night. Please let me know what you think and if you have info on this, i believe I may have caught something here I’ve never seen anything like it.image.jpeg
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