UFO Sighting in Bakersfield, California on September 28th 2015 – four glowing fire balls

On September 28th day of the Blood Moon I just left from my parents house approximately 9:30.as I drove down the street I noticed a group of people looking up.as I look up I notice this fire red bell shaped object moving across the sky.a few seconds later another one just appears going in the same direction. I turned the corner then i stopped got out of my truck took my phone and started to record. Buy this time a third one appeared moving in the same direction. A couple of seconds later the third one stops and turns off the lights.buy this time the first two are no longer insight.the third one is just hovering you could just make out the craft. It looked like it had square shape windows that were slightly brighter.then the fourth one appears. This one was going much slower then the light went out.thats when I seen what I belive to be an airplane.a very dark plane with no blinking lights flying much lower.it was very dark that night the plane looked like it was black. When I was recording I also too a couple of pictures when I enlarged them that’s when I was sure I just witness my very first ufo sighting!!

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