UFO Sighting in Newton Falls, Ohio on November 5th 2015 – Lights Dimming out then brightening

I was outside taking my garbage to the road and when I looked up I seen a bright star like object, I continued to watch it because I haven’t ever seen a star that big. Then, it started fading out like a dying light. I continued to walk to the road and it lit up once more. I watched it dim and brighten for about 20 mins before walking back into my house. I looked back one more time to see if it was still there but, it had vanished. I felt real curious about it, why didn’t they react to me watching it? Why didn’t they make themselves known? I never seen it move but all around it was blinking lights that where coming through the cloud cover. I have never seen anything like it but I’m hoping to see more than this in the future.

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