UFO Sighting in Rancho Cordova, California on September 14th 2014 – Shown holograms of the ones calling themselves pluvians and was offered to go into their ship.

I was in bed with my ex girlfriend, we were both into crystal work together and had picked up some moldavite that day, while laying in bed meditating with the moldavite, I begin to hear telepathic voices come to me asking me why I was with her at that time. I could not answer them accurately, so they allowed me to ask them some questions, since I seemed to be in a state of confusion. I felt this was most kind of them. I asked who they were, they gave me a complicated name that I could not understand, but then told me they were called the pluvians, as that was the name they chose for the humans to call them. They asked me to press my amethyst stone to the back of my head on my crown chakra after answering my question, and upon doing that I felt a surge of energy rush through me. They then spoke to me and said “look outside please” I looked outside feeling slightly apprehensive, and I saw 4 holograms hiding behind the trees in the lot behind my apartment, they were a light grey color with dark eyes. I then laid back in my bed after seeing them, but I could still see them with what felt like the inside of my mind. They showed me their shape with my mind like this, amethyst still held to the back of my head, it felt as if they used the crystal as an antenna of some type of energy conductor, and it allowed me to see their ship from within my room. It was shrouded in the skys and it looked like a royal mothership with a futuristic turbine shape, I was shown the inside of the ship. It was silver and almost clean chrome appearing, with many modules and complicated looking systems. Upon being shown the inside of the ship I felt an intense panic, and my mind refused to allow me to see anymore. Upon feeling my mind come back to a non-amplified state, I asked them one final question. It concerned my future, I asked them what it held. They answered me with “You will with with the reptilians, once you are done with the reptilians, you will work with the pleiadians. When you are done with the pleiadians, you will be able to do anything” If anyone can make further sense of this, please offer me your insight. I cannot shake my pursuit of answers on what they have told me. It’s become a bit maddening over the years and as life progresses I only see it unfolding more and more. How would the pluvians know this? And what race do the pluvians come to genesis from? After they answered my question they asked me if I wanted to ask anymore. I felt at peace and told them I would be ok if they left. They respectfully left, but they’ve been watching me with other races as well.

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