UFO Sighting in North Canton, Ohio on November 4th 2015 – My brother and i watched the object from two different locations a quarter mile apart and talked on the phone at the same time. We both saw the same thing from our homes back porches.

My brother called me about 8:30 am and said look out towards the moon. The moon was south west of us .My brother lives about a quarter mile from me a little bit south west. We talked on the phone and watched this object for at least 5 mins until it was out of sight. It was NO BALLOON but looked like it had a satellite disc on one side to the right. There was also a round object above that. When you looked at the bottom it appeared to have the shape of a star on it and it was black looking.My brother was able to take three pictures of it and the one enlarged really shows some detail of the disc and the star like bottom. I also saw what looked like a disc fly towards this thing and then go west.We really want to know what we saw it was no balloon or blimp. We have the Goodyear blimp fly around us all the time . This object was also flying over the Akron Canton Airport .The sky was cloudless and a very beautiful clear morning.Two of the pictures look like it is suspended from something but there was no balloon attached to it The one picture enlarged on my computer to 50% shows some great detail any more than 50% it just gets blurred.I hope someone will contact us to let us know what we saw !!I also have a good weather station and the wind was coming from the south blowing east . If this object was a balloon you would think it would follow the wind east ? This object was traveling mostly north and we think it had to be going 200 to 300 miles an hour.It was about half as fast as a jet travels in our area .

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