Black Triangle Sighting in Memphis, Tennessee on November 5th 2015 – Me and my daughter 7 year old daughter was standing in the drive way I was on the phone telling my cousin I had just saw a Triangle shaped UFO on Winchester & Hacks Cross .. Then my daughter got my attention I said dad there goes another one

The time was 8:25pm Central Time. I was just getting home so I stayed outside on the phone talking to my cousin telling him that me and my two daughters one 7 years old & the other 14 years old had just witnessed a Triangle Shaped UFO on Winchester and Hacks Cross rd hovering over the Fed Ex building like about 500 or less feet in the sky low enough to see the shape & the odd light on the craft. I had dropped my 14 year old daughter off after the first sighting and once me and my 7 year old daughter got home as I said I was on the phone, then my daughter said “look dad there goes another one” I looked and told my cousin I would call him back. This craft was flying from the Southwest of my house towards my house, once it got closer towards my house that’s when I noticed that it was Triangle Shaped with lights at the points. I then took 3 pictures 1 of the pictures showed real good what we both witnessed. We both observed the craft for 3-5mins before we couldn’t see it anymore passing our house headed Northeast. The feeling I had was of amazement but yet a good feeling. My daughter was in amazement but yet scared because she had never saw anything like this in her life. It moved slowly in the sky as if it wanted us to get a full description which we got with pictures. When we first noticed the craft I thought it could have been a airplane until it got closer to my house that’s when I noticed the triangle shape and lights.

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