CIA Behind JFK Assassination

The Oliver Stone movie JFK resulted in cries of indignation and outrage from many Americans. Why? Why do so many People consider it beyond the realm of reasonable political certainty that the president’s assassination was planned by top-level United States governmental officials? I do not know who killed John F. Kennedy or who planned his murder. But I do know that the so-called conspiracy theorists, based only on the evidence that the government has permitted them to see, have raised many disturbing facts and questions about the government’s so-called “lone-nut them” of the assassination. Some of the leading books are Rush to Judgment and Plausible Denial by Mark Lane, Crossfire by Jim Marrs, High Treason and High Treason 2 by Harrison E. Livingstone, Best Evidence by David S. Ufton, On the Trail of the Assassins by Jim Garrison, and JFK: Conspiracy of Silence by Charles A. Crenshaw.

For example, why was Lee Harvey Oswald permitted to return to the U.S. after defecting to the Soviet Union, with virtually no questions asked?

Why was Oswald’s office in New Orleans at the same location as that of former officials of the Central Intelligence Agency and the Federal Bureau of Investigation? Why did Oswald request to see a FBI agent after his arrest for disturbing the peace in New Orleans? How did Oswald happen to secure employment in a building that, shortly afterward, turned out to be a convenient location for the assassination? Why was the Dallas parade route changed at the last minute? How were the police and FBI able, to arrest Oswald within only an hour and a half of the assassination? Why did the Secret Service wash down the president’s limousine right after the assassination? Why were John Connally’s clothes sent to the cleaners just after the shooting? Why did the Texas authorities claim that Oswald had FBI connections? Why did the Secret Service, on threat of using force against the Dallas physicians, refuse to permit an autopsy to be performed in Texas? Why were non-forensic pathologists ordered to perform the autopsy at Bethesda Naval Center?

Many Americans resent the asking of these types of questions. Why? Part of the answer lies in the “Watergate syndrome” — that is, the notion that the Watergate conspiracy was the act of a few lone nuts acting together on a one-time basis — and, therefore, that it is inconceivable that governmental officials would conspire to perform wrongful acts either before or after Watergate.

But the facts belie this attitude. For example, consider some of the undisputed conspiracies involving the CIA:

1. At the end of World War II organizers of the CIA conspired to retain the services of members Of the Nazi SS.

2. CIA officials conspired to overthrow the presidents or prime ministers of Iran, Guatemala, Indonesia, Cuba, South Vietnam, and Nicaragua.

3. CIA officials conspired to use American citizens, without their knowledge or consent, for experiments with dangerous, mind-altering drugs.

4. CIA officials conspired to retain the services of Mafia hoodlums and murderers.

5. CIA officials conspired to assist in the invasion of Cuba, without a declaration of war from Congress.

6. CIA officials conspired to murder Fidel Castro.

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