My Dad thinks I am crazy believing in UFO,s and the up coming discloser events.

I am a 59 year old semi retired musician recording studio owner creative type person. Last 10 years my wife and I are landlords for some office buildings we own. This UFO thing is big. I have studied it the past several years.
It concerns. Great new technology,more advanced folks. New religion facts. The greed of our present government. Possible thoughts about the illumini (sorry about spelling). I moved here to florida from california in 2005 to spend a little time before my parent are gone. Lost my mom in 2013. My dad is fading after having a stroke. He is a retired aero space full proffessor at UFO. His boss was in charge of getting german scientist before the russians got them. Some actually gave my dads boss some of the roeswell metal. I can not talk about ufos to him he does not believe a word. Its upsetting to me. Anyone get this type of response for family?

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