UFO Sighting in Casper, Wyoming on November 7th 2015 – A cluster of 6-10 distant star like lights joined in chevron shape flying E-SE to W_NW

I had just got off work at midnite and was sitting in my hot tub., enjoying my first night of not being on call for a week
I had already viewed 4 falling stars. One to the NE..one to the SE…one directed to the SW…and another directly S
Upon noticing the object, it appeared “plane” like
Upon further viewing, it had 6-10 dull distant star like lights shaped in a chevron form that I could see…seemed rather large…much larger than a normal jet aircraft viewed from the same spot…and all the lights were dull white…no red..no flashing…just a dull white
I sat up on the edge of the hot tub to prolong the visual contact as it flew westward…saying to myself…”WTF” was that
It eventually flew out of my field of view

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