UFO Sighting in Kalamazoo, Michigan on November 6th 2015 – Seighting has been for 15 days.

was going around house. Because there where so many flashing lights all around house.I thought ufo.they turn lights off and on, they beam , glow and change colors. Also come in divergent sizes.they all shoot at house, porch and into kitchenwindow.I was amazed and happy to see them.did not lose sight. They have been here every night since 10-22-2015 and are still here (11.6.2015).my sister and her husband just see a light.ones rays made the water in the kitchen sink blue as he shoot into the window, that my sister and her husband saw.the front right ones shoot at the porchceiling and floor. The back left ones shoot into the patio floor and ceeling.

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