UFO Sighting in New Holland, Ohio on May 1st 2009 – In 2009 aliens contacted me started me on a journey of knowledge collection

Standing in driveway. In the eastern horizon two large light orbs took turns expanding and contracting about 2-3 times each before disappearing. Just large light orbs. Looked like two Suns in the horizon swelling up and down. No mechanical crafts observed. Was abducted at some point as a child, left metal shard in my foot caused me problems at the airport since I can remember the first time at 13. Just found out this past summer. Saw X-rays. No scar on foot. No memory of abduction throughout my life. Been in contact telepathically with the aliens since 2009. Have a lot of supernatural knowledge relating to astrology I’m willing to share with you. No reports missing during abduction leaves me thinking that the aliens stopped time or can time travel me back to time of abduction. Leaving no evidence except shard in foot. Have been remembering some of abduction details lately. I think the aliens are unblocking my memory. A lot of other information I can share if you’d like

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