Alien Encounter in Gibson, Louisiana on November 6th 2015 – was not sighting of UFO itself, went inside and they spoke with me

I was asleep in my bed, I did not know what was going on until I realized they have taken my conscious mind through what could only be explained as a tunnel. I did not witness the exterior, but I seen the interior. It looked to be roughly 25 feet from wall to wall, in a circular shape with a large blue crystal behind the being speaking to me. This being spoke through telepathic means, explaining that I was chosen to be given a new body once my current body expires. I was shown this new body that they built for me, it was an exact physical replica of me, but they said that it would far surpass any and all other human beings on Earth. They explained that the body has been enhanced through genetic manipulation, making the bones extremely dense, improving my muscular system which in turn would increase my speed, strength, and endurance. They then explained that my new mind would also be enhanced, allowing me to use the mind’s full capacity. The new body was floating in what I could only describe as a cloning tube, but I cannot be positive.

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