UFO Sighting in Virginia on October 23rd 2015 – I Observed a bright, flashing object that appeared stationary at first, then “bounced” in every direction, then hovered again. Not from this planet

I went outside on the morning of October 23, 2015 at 3:30am to smoke a cigarette because I was unable to sleep. I observed a bright object that looked like one of the closer planets to earth in our solar system. I thought this at first because the object was stationary for a short period of time, was extremely bright and appeared to change color like some of the closer planets appear to do in the night sky. When I got half way done smoking my cigarette I began to notice the object was moving at a extreme rate of speed, doing maneuvers that no man made aircraft can do. At this time I actually slapped myself in the face because I did not believe what I was whitnessing. I quickly grabbed my iPhone and began recording the UFO. I immeadiatly yelled to my girlfriend who was asleep to come outside and make sure I was not losing my mind. She soon verified the object was moving at a very high rate of speed in every direction and was just as amazed as I was. The object continued to move erraticly for the two hours that I stayed outside. The object would do the most extreme and most awkward maneuvers. It almost looked as if it were teleporting through the sky; doing loops, going back and fourth, up and down moving in all directions (North,South,East,West) very quickly. The object would all the sudden appear to hover stationary and then quickly begin doing these same awkward maneuvers. The object appeared to be flashing random colors of red, white, blue and green during the whole sighting. I am a U.S. Army Veteran and deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) 2012-2013. During my deployment and my four years of service, I never witnessed any military or civilian aircraft that could move anything like this UFO. I was in one of the Army’s elite Combat Avaition Brigades (CAB) and was stationed on many different airfields all around the world that had the Army’s and Air Forces most elite aircraft. With that being said, I’ve witnessed every aircraft that our military has to offer in the night sky and nothing comes even close to how this UFO moved in the sky. I have about a five minute video of the UFO and I’m glad to share it with the public and to MUFON. The video was shot on my iPhone 6 and the quality is not that great. I had to zoom all the way in to see the UFO on my camera phone. I really wish that I had a top of the line video camera available to record this, but all I had at the time was my iPhone. Thank you for your time!

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