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The evidence has grown. It would be nearly impossible for “stock” Boeing 767s (737s), to be flown by guys that could barely fly Cessna 172’s so precisely, over hundreds of miles from 30,000 feet to hit a dead center target of the newly fireproofed floors of Marsh & McClennan offices of the WTC. They needed floors that were fireproofed, to maintain integrity while they prepared for our own personal hell.

Why were Boeing 737 turbine assemblies and landing gear found on the streets of Manhattan on 9/11, then buried at the dump with zero inquiry?

The Mainstream Media, has been providing us with a false 9/11 NARRATIVE.

Let’s take the “myth” of 911 that has been made so public by the powers that be.

Get informed for the greater good. The financial elite, who control the military-industrial complex, used 911 to create “the war on terror” and revoke our rights under the Constitution.

They have built a machine, and turned it on us. To enslave us. The “facts” of the official government conspiracy theory are underwhelming. There has never been a proper investigation of the crime of the century.

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Architects & Engineers for 911 presents: “9/11 Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out” (now they number in excess of 2300 and growing.

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Bush-Cheney and the Cabal: EXCELLENT by Kevin Ryan “INSIDER” CONNECTIONS: (Kevin Ryan &

AND: “All the Vice-Presidents Men” (AlienScientist):

Finally, for the impatient crowd: James Corbett’s great video, “9/11-The Truth in 5 Minutes”:


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