UFO Sighting in Temecula, California on November 7th 2015 – bright blue halo then white light(star like) came out of the middle with a huge beam light then star went back in halo (north) but ascended as well getting smaller until it disappeared

Came out of the Trader Joe’s at 6:00 p.m., was putting away groceries when looking up in the sky we saw a blue halo with a bright light shining(shining south) through it behind that bright light was a small white light. I guess we saw the end of it, which I captured on video, but you can’t see the little bright light object making the huge bright light through the halo nor the halo because it was disappearing as the white dot was going northern direction but further into the sky and it all disappeared in a matter of less than a minute. All that was left in the sky there was a green haze (like aurora borealis type) and then just a foggy haze, however, the sky was completely clear everywhere else. Other people saw it happen from the beginning, a big blue halo then the bright dot (looked like a star) that came through the halo which shined a huge light in east direction then down towards the earth (ground), and the bright dot started going back further into the halo (north, but up into space) and disappeared into the sky, because it was going further and further away. There is no way it was a missile, because I’ve seen missile tests in Las Vegas, NV before and they look like comets with a huge squiggly smoke trail, even if you look up videos on a DII Trident missile you can see the distinct difference.

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