ET.Opening the message for humankind of earth,.[2011.1.15.]

ET. inelligences visited earth.
These objects came from deep universe another dimension level.
These flying objects is demonstraited with a bright light long trails in all around the world,
This objects is not so called by human the “chemtrails’,
also is not a plane of earth.

This objects is same that the “star’of Bethlehem.
At that time when Jesus was born,
ET beam ship escorted wise men of the Orient at Bethlehem the birthplace of Jesus.
The “star”of Bethlehem is same that this objects,

Universe Higher Council Level dispatched Jesus at earth in order to explain that what is Creation and what is gods of religion of an earthling ,but real teaching of Jesus has not opened for humankind of earth.
Only, the booK of Talmud Jmmanuel is real the truth of teaching of Jesus,[written, Prophet and contactee of ET intelligences by “Billy” Aduard Albert Meier,

“ETspoke this video that “Don,t worry”
“Never be afraid’ “Never fear.” “Do not fear,’
“Your life have an eternal,”
“Your being have not disappear,’
“You are an eternal being,’
“Death is starting new life to rebirth,’
“There is no need to store in the shed,”
“Your being have infinite,’
“Give away all your the rich for neighbors of poor,’
” We are one,oneness,’

I,m a messenger and new a contactee of the ET intelligencesUniverse Higher Council Level.
From now on, one by one, the truth is revealed.[2011.1.15.]

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