UFO Sighting in Kingsland, Georgia on October 24th 2015 – into thin air

I was laying on my pool deck after working in the yard all day and staring at the clouds, there were not many clouds and a few low laying thin clouds from the top right of my field of vision I spotted what I thought was a plane/ jet moving at a fairly high rate of speed so I started tracking it as the rest of the sky was empty reflections of the sun showed vessel to be high metallic silver which was pretty to look at. Any ways tracking for close to 30 seconds she went behind a small thin cloud and should have reappeared within 3-4 seconds but never did which struck me very odd because a plane traveling at that rate of speed and such a thin low laying cloud could not have provided enough cover for a plane to change direction. I have not told anybody about what I saw due to criticism but heard about this sight due to the missle launch event in California which mentioned this sight. I am a male 35 years of age with no medical conditions or drug useage work for the govt so maintain rational thought. this however has stuck with me and kept my head in the clouds for a few weeks now

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