UFO Sighting in Telford, Pennsylvania on June 22nd 2013 – Moved w/high velocity thru the atmosphere. Then stopped hard. and Hovered.

My girlfriend and I were at a local township park observing the Super Moon. It was a very clear night with low humidity. We were laying on a blanket stargazing. I looked up and saw what I thought was a satellite due to the speed it was moving. We tracked it across the sky both looking at it move when it suddenly stopped. We both asked each other if we saw that. We discussed it and watched it hover way in the atmosphere for over an hour. At first I swore it was a satellite and thought it was cool to see something moving that fast. BUT when it abruptly stopped,and continued to emit light I knew it was not at all a satellite. And then observing it “hovering” for over and hour, we knew this was something out of the ordinary. There is now a closed Air Base in the area, so I grew up seeing Military Aircraft in the skies. I have seen shooting stars, comets, aurora and other satellites, But this was way out of the parameters of anything I have seen before.

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