UFO was Submarine Launched ‘Trident II’ Missile | VIDEO

UFO was Submarine Launched 'Trident II' Missile

By Tracy Bloom and Erin Myers

The Pentagon has confirmed that a bright, mysterious object that coursed across the night skies in Southern California and beyond on Saturday night was a pre-planned missile test-fired from a U.S. Navy submarine.

“Navy Strategic Systems Programs conducted scheduled Trident II (D5) missile test flight at sea from USS Kentucky, an Ohio Class SSBN, in the Pacific Test Range off the coast of Southern California,” officials said in an emailed statement from the U.S. Department of Defense.

“The tests were part of a scheduled, on-going system evaluation test,” it continued.

The missile was not armed.

The widespread sighting caused rampant speculation after hundreds of witnesses reported the unexplained moving light shortly after dusk. […]

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