Black Triangle Sighting in Montegut, Louisiana on January 20th 2015 – Triangle object with low tone buzz sound. 3 white lights on corners and 1 red light in middle.

I was walking my dog on the side of my house. I heard a low tone buzzing noise. I thought to my self that it was the power lines. When I was thinking this I said to my self in my head “since when are power line that loud, I never hear that before.” I went to look up at the power line and that is when I noticed the object. I thought either military drone or ufo because it was to big to be a regular drone that anyone could buy. When I looked up and noticed the object it was directly above me. It was fairly close, because it looked rather big. I would say about 500-800 feet if that. It was triangular in shape and had 3 white light on each corner and 1 red/orange light not directly in the middle, but closer to the white light on the tip. I looked at it for about 5 seconds, then I looked to my dog to see if she felt anything because dogs can sense things humans can’t. She just stared at me and at that second there was a huge flash. It was like a camera flash. I didn’t know what it was, I just took off running with my dog to get to safety in my house. It took about 10 seconds to get in my house. I got my mom to look out side which took about 10 seconds. In total about 20-30 seconds since the flash. We looked outside on our porch and it was already across the sky where we could hardly see it. My feelings during the encounter was bewilderment. When the flash happened I was scared for me and my dog. But after I was excited because I have always believed in ufo’s and aliens and I feel a very strong connection to space and wanting to know more. The next night I was looking in the sky for it again and I saw the same exact thing again but it was very high up and I couldn’t hear anything. This time it was going in the opposite direction from the night before.

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