UFO Sighting in Alvin, Texas on November 10th 2015 – radiant bright disk UFO

while taking my dog outside, i noticed a bright bulb of bright yellow and orange light. after i let the dog back inside, i wanted to stay and investigate what it was. i’d seen something similar earlier in October and wanted to see if this UFO would behave likewise. after a few seconds, it did. it hovered, then dropped very suddenly, then moved back up, then resume hovering. it would then do strange pulls and turns toward other directions, but always seemed to move back to its original position.

i also seemed to notice a very faint light far above it, whether it was another UFO i can’t say, but it seemed to react slightly to it. after a few minutes, it pulsed some kind of thin steam or aura of wispy fog, in accordance to this other faint light pulsing. afterwards, it didn’t seem to behave beyond simply pulling bizarre turns and returning to its center position.

i’ve never seen anything like this.

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