UFO Sighting in Otsego, Minnesota on October 24th 2015 – Orange/red sphere traveling quickly at low altitude over me neighborhood

Sitting in bed with my girlfriend when she jumped up to look out the window. She had me come look and it was this bizarre orange/red glowing light traveling pretty quickly at a low altitude. I’m guessing 500 yards above the houses. No blinking, absolutely no sound. We ran to another room to continue watching then finally ran outside and watched it until I couldn’t see it anymore. It was traveling east/north east. I immediately checked the weather and the wind was traveling in the opposite direction. I already knew this wasn’t a Chinese lantern but the wind report confirmed that. This was a flying object that was unlike anything either of us have ever seen. I’ve seen many types of low flying aircraft including a B2 bomber. I’m prior military and this thing did not have any regulatory lights of any kind.

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