UFO Sighting in Wesley Chapel, Florida on November 6th 2015 – For 45 minutes a HUGE flashing circle was above my house hovering, I live in front of a field and by a cow pasture

On Saturday night I was sitting on my back porch with my mom when I saw a huge flashing object in the sky. I thought it was a plane because of the flashing and felt myself waiting for it to move. It never moved. It stayed in the same exact spot for over 45 minutes flashing so fast it hurt my eyes to keep staring. I started recording. I did not feel right about what I saw. I couldn’t find a explanation for what it could be. My dad who saw it with his own eyes works for NASA he told me it had to be a UFO. I stayed outside as long as I could and then went back inside. I came back out 20 minutes later and it was gone. This is the first sighting I saw on Saturday night. I have been obsessing about it ever since. I thought to myself who ever really looks out into the sky at night? I’ve lived at this address for almost 6 months now and have never really looked. Last night it came back but it was two different objects: another circle flashing the same but sitting above the clouds and WAY higher. This time it was moving like crazy. I started recording but my camera stated to twitch (it never has before) that’s what freaked me out the most. It would not let me record any longer. What i was recording was the same thing I saw on Saturday night but it was going back up into the sky so fast my camera couldn’t keep up. I waited a hour and looked again it was back blending in like a star but way higher this time and on the opposite side of the sky. Again I live next to a cow pasture and on a wildlife preservation. I have to find out what this is and what it is doing. It’s watching something.

The first time I saw it , it was super low to the ground. Maybe about 50 feet above my street light but last night it was WAY far up sitting above the clouds. I wouldn’t have even noticed if I didn’t know what to look for.

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