Black Triangle Sighting in Yellow Springs, Ohio on November 10th 2015 – Orange centered light flanked by two green lights

I was heading North on Corey Street in Yellow Springs after getting out of a movie when I lights in the sky caught my eye. I assumed it was an airplane as there is both very small & larger airports nearby. I couldn’t look away, however, and noticed that the lights had a colored affectation to them and they weren’t blinking. It was mostly green, two green lights flanking a centered orange light.
I was still convinced it was a plane until I realized it had stopped moving just above the tree line, hovering by sight right above the street light nearest to me. It looked to be at the same elevation as an airplane would.
Just in case, I figured I’d report it. If it was a plane, it was one like I’ve never seen before (which could be quite possible).

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