UFO Sighting in Chandler, Arizona on November 7th 2015 – I saw greenish haze and light source in sky circled by aircraft. I tried to take video and no luck. Took photos and the object was very clear. It hovered then took off to higher elevation and the aircraft followed.


I reside in the souther part of Chandler, Arizona. On the evening of 11-7-15, my spouse and I went outside to leave for the grocery store. Upon leaving, I noticed a greenish haze off into the western sky. There were not any stars out and this was very clear and unusual.In this greenish haze were aircraft circling around something which was not able to be seen with naked eye.. I tried to video record this, however had no luck. I then started taking photos and noticed a disc shaped object in the haze which looked like it was emerging from some sort of greenish teal light. The disc had 7 lights which were very visable and it was clearly some sort of craft. The object hovered for about 4-5 min then took off to a much higher elevation. I then contacted the local news here but they referred me to this site. The photos that have been posted on the media are not clear and frankly don’t show anything. I just want people to see what was really in thr sky that evening.

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