UFO Sighting in Raynham, Massachusetts on November 10th 2015 – Observed a single light hovering over rte. 24. Then another appeared out of nowhere. As the second one appeared the first dissapeared. just vanished, lost sight of second light while driving. They were hovering and was not a plane or helicopter.

My brother and I were driving north on Route 24. We were passing the Taunton mall exit and in the distance I spotted a single bright light hovering over the highway but it was toward the northwest part of the sky. We were joking that is was a ufo. As we kept driving and getting closer I noticed it hasn’t moved at all like a plane or helicopter would, it was hovering and pulsating. As soon as I said to my brother that it was definitely not a plane, we both saw another bright light exactly the same appear out of nowhere. This light was hovering and pulsating directly in the north part of the sky.There was a good distance between the two lights. We were completely amazed at what we were seeing. A few seconds after the second light appeared,the first light completely dissapeared. It never moved at all. It looked like it just turned it’s lights off and was gone. As we continued to get closer I was trying to get a good look at the second light but I lost it over the tree line, right before the route 44 exit in Raynham, Ma off of Route 24. This was the only sighting I’ve ever seen and I’m hoping it won’t be the last.

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