An Act Of Desperation

Hello, and greetings people of this world. My name is Aleck some of you may know me as the 8th wealthiest man of Iisbaar. For reasons i can not relay I can not tell you my race, species or any other personal details. I know many of you may not believe this but I am what humans would call an alien. This is logical to them but not entirely true. In fact regardless how genetically different we are, humans are in fact the aliens of this planet. Recently I have befriended many of your race, which i use to find incomprehensible. In fact once before I hated your race so much I sought to destroy it. Today one of such friends was hospitalized and placed on life support. This person I believe is the last descendant of the “wise one’s”. His lungs are filled with tar, fiber glass, and other damaging chemicals. He has smoked cigarette’s all of his life, and i desperately wish to save him. What I ask is simple, but very risky. With earths current technology i am incapable of doing what I am asking. Therefore i am in need of someone who can create a virus that destroys non organic compounds in the lungs. If anyone can help please reply. The man’s name is Donald Roberts, thank you.

Sincerely Aleck.

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