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The Saucerologist

Here at “The Saucerologist”, our philosophy is simple: we are convinced that Humanity is a hoax perpetrated by the Alien Grays of Zeta Reticuli. Their recently consummated alliance with Schrodinger’s Cat throughout the known multiverse has made the eventual adoption of the Alien Gray’s worldview a near certainty. When this occurs, the hoax will end, and the imaginary creatures currently populating this imaginary planet we call “Earth” will fade away into nothingness, as if they had never been.

Ditto for the planet itself.

“The Saucerologist” has decided that enough is enough. We happen to enjoy our current existence, even if we are merely the imaginary renderings of a race of aliens attempting to simultaneously force its collective will to prevail across millions of universes, many of which are also populated with imaginary beings equally dissatisfied with their imaginary lot in life.

Being imaginary creatures invented primarily as a source of entertainment for alien hordes, we possess only one effective weapon that can be raised in defense of our existential happenstance. That weapon is our own imagination. We seek, therefore, to unburden our dark souls so that we may properly wield that great and often offensive weapon to achieve the only worthwhile solution we can see to our innate problem of ultimate extinction: our continued existence in this singular universe that we have affectionately called “The Universe”, where we hope to survive in friendly commerce across the face of this great planet that we have affectionately called “Earth”. To that end, therefore, we pledge ourselves, our lands, our properties, and our admittedly weak and poorly focused will to the attainment of our primary desire, this being the creation of an alternate worldview raised in turn by the imaginary inhabitants of our imaginary universe mustered by we imaginary few to replace the Alien Gray’s worldview that is collectively threatening our very existence, imaginary though it may be.

So remember: if you stop by our little blog and truly believe what you read (or at least try to), you may yet extend your actuality, your essence, the physicality of your currently weightless and immeasurable soul for a short time (to be determined at some future date dependent upon whatever efforts you actually apply). For if you do not, the Gray Threat wins and our tenuous existence grows ever weaker.

So join us today at:

The Saucerologist

Only you (in concert with everybody else) can help us win this imaginary war against the ever elusive Gray Threat.

Your friend and neighbor,
Todd Rugger

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