UFO Article: “UFOs, the AISS, & My Brush With the 1127th”

By Francis Ridge
Quote from the article:
“In 1963, I was living in Vincennes, Indiana. That September I was contacted by an Air Force reserve captain, the CO for the local 1127th Air Reserve Squadron, requesting a briefing concerning our NICAP team’s investigations of UFOs. This briefing was scheduled to be given at the Robert Green Auditorium on the 16th of that month. I was flattered and simply thought that this interest was due to the increased UFO activity in the region, particularly the 1963 UFO concentration or ‘mini-flap’ in southern Illinois. But it now appears there was more to it than that.
We had always suspected that Project Blue Book (the official AF UFO project) was merely a PR front, and there was evidence that some types of UFO project teams were active even after Blue Book closed down in December of 1969. But now we knew who some of these people were, and we had it from a reliable source: The Bolender Memo of  20 October 1969. Brigadier General C. H. Bolender wrote, ‘Moreover; reports of unidentified flying objects which could affect national security are made in accordance with JANAP 146  or Air Force Manual 55-11 , and are not part of the Blue Book system.’ The real responsibility for UFO reports was located in Langley, Virginia and not Dayton, Ohio. This also explained why some important case files were not found in the Blue Book archives.”


Team of U.S.Air Force Physicists in Southern Illinois, 1963
(nicap.org photo)

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