UFO Sighting in Henderson, Nevada on November 7th 2015 – I saw a very bright illuminating white light coming out of a opening in the night sky

I was at work, driving a co. Vehicle and had just made a right turn off south Las Vegas Blvd onto Larson lane which is a dead end street with minimal lighting. When I turned on Larson lane I immeadiatiyly saw the bright whitle light at first I thought it was a helicopter with a police light coming from it but the light was not pointed downward it was hovering very low about halfway up the hill that was in the background it was openng slowing like a clam shell and the light was very white and bright. Then it hovered slowly upwards and away and continued to open and fade until it just faded out/away. My first thought was a helicopter bc of the light and bc it was so low and near. I put my car in park and rolled down the window listening for a chopper sound but it was silent. I snapped one pic and managed to take a 25 sec video. Bc I am on a time schedule I took my eyes off it for about 30 sec -1 min ( that’s how long it to me to pull off the road and park the car)I got out of the car and the bright opening was gone and the hill had just a mist like “glow” around it. I then did something I have never done at work before.. I took a nap in my car and I was very surprized when I looked at the time it says it took place at at 18:01. When I got woke up from my nap by another driver it was almost 22:00. I finished my shift and left the shop at around midnight the next morning I woke up extremely il and haven’t been able to work since. I went to the doctors today and I have a bad case of the flu and I guess that explains why I fell asleep at work bc I was getting sick bc never have done that before.

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