UFO Sighting in McGregor, Texas on November 12th 2015 – 5 red lights with white flashes seen near SpaceX

About 6:15 tonight I was at the intersection of 10th St and Johnson Dr. I was checking both directions for oncoming traffic and I noticed what I took at first to be a group of 5 possible helicopters to the South toward the SpaceX test facility in McGregor. Almost immediately I decided that something was different/odd.

Having lived here all my life I am very familiar with various types of military helicopters due to the close proximity of Ft. Hood and am familiar with the way they fly. These lights had a solid red light that was periodically obscured by a white flash, again, not unlike helicopters. However, when I first noticed them I realized how slow they were moving and I could not hear any rotor noise at all. I estimate that they were roughly about a mile away, I can usually hear helicopters from this distance in the area.

I turned down Johnson Dr toward them and stopped at the intersection with Blue Bonnet Pkwy and estimate I was now within about 1/4 mile or less, still I could hear no rotor noise. I could hear cheers from the football field about 3/4 of a mile away. As I approached, the lead two lights that were originally lower that the two trailing lights slowly ascended and the trailing lights descended correspondingly while the middle light held position, as if all were attached to a single large object. I stayed put and watched the lights (craft?) head almost parallel to Blue Bonnet Pkwy fairly slowly then the lead lights seemed to become one and the trailing two lights got closer together (possible optical illusion due to increasing distance?)

There was a lot of traffic headed to the rodeo arena to my SW and the combination of oncoming headlights making further observation difficult and not being able to pull all the way out of traffic due to the soggy and therefore soft ground made me feel as if I should move along at this point.

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