UFO Sighting in Packwood, Washington on July 16th 1982 – Extreme high-altitude object seen making instant 90 degree turn. Seen at 7K altitude Mt Rainier

In July 1982, I was camped with a friend on an alpine meadow at the 7,000 foot level of Mt Rainier in Washington State. Visibility was sharp and clear at that altitude and there was no cloud cover. We were looking up at the sky toward the east and noticed an extremely bright star moving from east to west at a steady speed. We made guesses as to its nature. My friend thought it was a satellite. I thought perhaps a meteor. When it reached a point directly overhead, it made an instantaneous right-angle turn (90 degrees) quicker than you can blink your eyes. It then continued at the same speed directly north. We watched it until it passed over the horizon. We were stunned, of course, since we both realized nothing made by man could make a turn like that. We estimated its altitude at over fifty miles, perhaps in low Earth orbit. The object was approximately the brightness and size of the planet Venus.

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