UFO Sighting in Shawsville, Virginia on November 12th 2015 – I saw a shimmering light in the sky, noticed it wasn’t a helicopter, airplane, comet, or recognized. I videoed around 56 seconds.

I was traveling northbound on US Route 460 in Virginia. Montgomery County to be exact. I noticed a shimmering light about 35 degrees above the horizon line, so I decided to take out my smartphone and video of the event. Right off I noticed it was not a plane, and it was not a star or helicopter. It hovered in the same spot for roughly 15 to 18 seconds, then it started to move slightly to the southeast. As this event unfolded. I took roughly 56 seconds of video. It been very dangerous to drive and film at the same time, I shut the video off. Roughly 20 seconds after I stop filming, the shiny object shot lightning-fast southeast as fast as the eye could see it. I had to pull over and catch my breath, and figure out if this was me hallucinating, or if it was a real event. It was very surreal. It took roughly 15 minutes to shake it off. I got home, reviewed the video several times, and decided to upload it onto YouTube. I also uploaded it to my facebook. That’s about all I can tell you. I hope that helps, thank you for your time.

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