It is possible that I’ve been abducted? How do I know for sure?

Hello , hope no one laugh at me for what am I about to tell…
I’m 34 years old and I live in Puerto Rico. For many years PR has been as you probably know a place when sight seen of UFO, the chupacabra in the 90’s and the Bermuda triangle. I have live all my life in a rural area.

I have seen trough the years strange lights in the sky that it can’t be explain.

Recently bizard strange little things have happen to me things that might be sound silly but it make no sense. But before I continue with the recent things I will make small notes of the past things that I have seen before or exprerience.

– At the ange of 16 years I was in a Venturing group from the boy’s scouts (I’m a girl) back then I was the president of the group and we decide to camp in the National Tropical Forest “El Yunque”. Back then the Yunque was going to close for camping because strange appearance on the forest and people disappearing for days. We where back then the last group to be allowed to stay. And all the boys where excited because they wanted to go to the highest tower on the top of the forest mountain. where lost of people report that at night UFOs can been seen getting out from the mountain. One of the suspicious things is that way before the trail this tower there are some gate that say ” no trespassing ” and many people who have try back then says those who venture to pass where stop by “military” people arm in hands. Anyway back to the story the plan where simple we where gonna wait until the park was close to go to that last tower no many people can get to there is like almost 2hrs up the mountain where there is a very rock trail, since is so high the air is even more pure from the rest down. We arrive early in the afternoon and everybody in the group decided to go during day light to some falls (body of water), since I didn’t want to walk much because I knew the long hicking was going to be hard I decide to stay alone taking care of everyone backpack. I stay reading a book until night fall and just like a clock at 6pm the coqui’s start singing. Usually the melody of that small frog is very pleasant to us and lovely but all the sudden it was everything out of control without harmony for like half hour all that time I feel like I was been watch and there was no one at the park and my group was still far in the fall. Until that hedious nature song stop and start to be the normal that I know by that moment I could see my group coming back from afar and I was glad I wasn’t alone. When all the guards goes to the front gate which are very far we have the lame excuse which they believe that since it was night we decide to sleep at the gacebos because it was to dark to go to the camping area, we take the route for the trail that should take use to the tower. Around half hour of hicking I suffer twice almost staying without air we take breaks from time to time thinking that I need it, but after half hour more I collapsed into the ground when I feel my lounges close and I stop breathing… I thought I was going to died lucky an adult from the group help me and I start to breath, half of the group decide to go back especially the girls where all mad and they wanted to return to the gacebos, while the boys well boys will always be boys and wanted to continue. But the adult leader decide to all should go back. So we all did, later on that night we all accommodate our stuff and get out our sleeping bags and go to sleep.Once everybody was sleeping I began to heard steps which it was wierd I never open my eyes because for some reason great invade me but I could heard whatever or who ever it was walks between around everyone until I could feel it stop for a while in front of me until it goes. I never had pray so hard in my life for the day light to come in my live. Once where morning while we eat breakfast everybody start to talk about the strange steps noises during the night where all the girls where sleeping… I guess I wasn’t the only one who heard them. Until today the boys recent me lol because we could have seen for sure UFOs at the tower.

– in another summer with the same group we stay in a coast area guest house in Cabo Rojo and we see a light in the sky with the shape of a triangle circling the sky until dissapear. ( these two where at the ends of the 90’s )

– at the beginning of 2000 I was stuck with my sister in a traffic on a small bridge where a river pass and I saw like a flat triangle thing it looks like small ship floating down metallic material almost like mirrors like until dissapear it looks like it camouflaged or what I thought it did! Whatever it was it was really close.

– at summer 2012 I started to hangout more during the night with friends we used to go really late at night and end up driving back to my friend home around 3am ( just so you know I do not drink, smoke or do any kind of drugs since I have some medical conditions) we usually see in the same area near her home in the city some random red light that change colors I thought it was wierd we always see those lights every time we go out on weekends, I thought it was UFOs but my friend think I was crazy until one night we saw a lots of those red light random at the sky moving when we arrive again to my friend house we stay watching they where pretty close than we have seen it before and we freak it out when they began to positioning into a perfect line. My friend look at me in confusion and all I said ” let’s go close the doors today is not the day I want to find out if the alien are officially real…”

– another time around 2012 I remember driving real late around 3 am again with another friend the road where really long through the highway and with almost none cars around us, I was excited because back then ” Revolution” the TV series was airing and I was telling her about it describing the part when the whole hightway in the series stay without light and cars stop moving suddenly we saw this big wave of light that illuminated everything around as the wave in the sky goes all the lights in the highway trun off leaving everything in darkness only the lights of my car where the ones visible and saw through my mirrors a few cars behind us reducing the speed. My friend glare at me and told me ” I really don’t wanna se that series anymore”. I speed up as faster as I could didn’t want to stay in that area not caring for the speed limits.

– I haven’t seen anything wierd since then, but recently I have experience the following: I suffer from sleep apnea with insomnia so is normal for me to go to bed really late night, before to bed I always close my curtains so the sun in the morning doesn’t bother. So is routine for me to close them always I never fail to do so. For tree weeks I feel very sleepiness at the same time at midnight to soon to be awake at 4 am with the barks of my neighbor’s dog barking near my window. And sometime I will find myself in strange position in my bed with the curtains open, other times with my bed sheets around me when I know it was to hot to be use and I left it on the top of my bed all folds. Dreams of being in a close place all white and metallic things around. Once I couldn’t sleep because I was feeling being watch and when I open my eyes I could see two small florocense ball( like glowing in the dark color) in a wall of my room. Since this summer I also noticed a constant pain in my left knee which is wierd I had some leg conditions in my right where my pattela sometimes dislocated suddenly my left leg start to doing the same for the very first time in years. Recently the pain was unbearable but still suck it up with pain pills, in October I travel to Orlando FL to visit my nephew, when I was going to return to PR I was stop at the airport for some strange reason the big scanning machine detected something in my body, I could see both of my knee was mark in yellow the bigger ammount was concentrate on the left knee that’s been for long months hurting, and when the make the other test they told me I was positive in explosive residue inside my body, I was like WTF? I was held and examin lucky I was released and catch my flight back to PR after that the pain consist for another weeks but suddenly stop and I don’t feel it anymore.

I know everything sounds crazy but let me know what you think of all.

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