Stanford McKrause: The man who piloted UFOs

McKrause Stanford was an aeronautical systems engineer and test pilot for the United States Army. He was born on May 17th, 1932 in Montgomery, Alabama and died on September 8th, 2013.

This man is known for the claims he made. He said that he was ordered to participate in a special investigation in which he drove alien spacecraft and equipment obtained through the reverse engineering of alien technologies, participating in experiments orchestrated by the organization Majestic 12.
Through these projects, Stanford McKrause made more than 240 flights with these extra-terrestrial aircraft in Area 51, always in the company of black helicopters. These flights made an impression on McKrause and he always carried a diary with him, in which he recorded his experiences and feelings during his many test flights in flying saucers.

At that stage he came to realize that there was a complicated web of links between the alien technology and the powers that be in America. He made inquiries and spoke to Jack Bolton, who had worked in secret mind control projects during the 50s, and discovered that FEMA concentration camps were being built throughout the United States. There were indications that at a given moment martial law and a kind of “thought police” responsible for censorship and repression would be established, with those who opposed it being arrested or killed. McKrause’s startling claims suggest that in these FEMA camps for penal labor, plans for non-terrestrial colonies were being developed.

Stanford McKrause began to reread his old diaries and also to collect information on people who had been victims of covert military operations, collecting data on the shadowy organization of the government and the secret societies that control it. With all this he wrote a report on the way that millions of people around the world are suffering the consequences of these times of change, at the hands of a dictatorial and selfish elite.
This extensive archive and collection of information, in addition to the reports, were called “CHANGING TIMES“. Jack Bolton showed an early interest in this idea and provided McKrause with information from projects related to brainwashing and mind control. However, their commanders found out about these activities and were alarmed, with former military leaders fearing that key secrets and lies could be divulged to mankind.

For this reason, Bolton and McKrause received numerous calls and visits from members of the secret services, who from the first moment ordered them to destroy the Changing Times file and forget about the projects in which they had taken part. Both saw this as disrespectful given the services provided during their active lives, although McKrause insisted that he would never reveal classified information. The strong-minded Jack Bolton, on the other hand, had a violent argument in the offices of the CIA.
After this episode, a strange thing happened. For two weeks, McKrause could neither contact nor locate his friend.

Jack Bolton had no family and because of his headstrong character, everyone considered him a solitary man who had few friends, except for Stanford McKrause. A long time passed and there was still no indication of his whereabouts; the police investigations did not lead anywhere. After a year the Bolton case was filed, however Stanford McKrause suspected from the start that could have been assassinated. He felt great resentment, and therefore tried to continue their project and also to include Bolton as one of the victims of the New World Order, ignoring the threats and warnings from his former bosses. He had to be on his guard at all times, and he even found evidence that his home was searched illegally. Then something bizarre happened; McKrause’s identity disappeared. His name was erased from all government and academic records; the existence of McKrause was literally eliminated. Fear prevented the many witnesses who could testify to his life and career from speaking out. A huge bureaucratic and administrative wall made it almost impossible to fix this problem, and what’s more, McKrause realized that if he took a step further, his family and friends would be the ones to suffer the consequences of his actions.
Throughout his life he had to remain silent on the subject of the military secrets that he had learnt during the projects in which he collaborated. It was impossible to talk to the media as such an action would have jeopardized the safety of his family and friends. The chances are that we will never see any of what he recorded because of the wall of silence that necessarily surrounded him in life. After his death, Stanford McKrause left an important legacy of information and data on file (“Changing Times“), but it is possible that everything has already been destroyed.

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