UFO Sighting in Massachusetts on November 13th 2015 – Horse shoe shaped with a pointed top. The color looked like a led light color. It flashed then moved forward, flash again then disappeared

Driving home on route 3 south in Massachusetts. While in the car, I witnessed a horse shoe shaped beam of light glowing in the color of a led light (white with a blue-ish tone). It flashed really quickly then moved forward slightly, showed the light in the horse shoe shape again and then disappeared. I was sober and have seen very close shooting stars, this was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. And I’m the kind of person that looks at the sky at night fairly often just because it is beautiful. I’ve never seen anything like this before.I was in disbelief because even though I’ve done a lot of research in this field, I still doubted myself. I know what I saw, and I have full confidence that this was a ufo.

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