UFO Sighting in Donalsonville, Georgia on May 22nd 2015 – Witnessed UFO land in field west of my house. Ultimately landed on ground.

I heard a loud sound under the barn at my house. I figured one of my cats turned over a 5 gallon bucket, but we also raise chickens and I got up to investigate the noise with a flashlight and a 20 gauge shotgun. (in case there was a predator) I walked to the south end of my yard and next to our property, there is a large tract of land (3200 acres) that has been cleared to farm. I observed a large glowing disk very slowly descending on the western horizon. I had worked that day at my job at a local resturant. I was tired. But I was also extremely curious about this sighting. If I had had a 4 wheeler, I would have rode back on the Balfour property and looked at what had landed back there. It was approximately 1/2 mile behind my house on the western horizon where this disk shaped object landed. It made absolutely no noise. It was not a man made aircratft. I am absolutely certain with absolutely no doubt in my mind that I witnessed a UFO land in the field on the western horizon on the Balfour property. I am certain of this. I am 56 and have never ever seen anything like this before. My property is vector for aircraft. I see jets, planes, blimps, ultralights fly over. This was something I have never ever saw before. Also, a neighbor’s son witnessed the same event. His name is Logan Toole. He works on the Balfour property for Glen Heard, the farmer renting the farmland. I have not talked to him personally, but his aunt-Joan Smith is my sister-in-law and was telling me he saw the same event. Also, last night, I got up to go outside because I am of a certain age and have hotflashes and I saw 2 glowing objects slowly hovering and slightly moving over the sorghum planted next to my property on the south end of my property. I got my husband up to look at it. I watched for over 15-20 minutes with a pair of binoculars. It looked almost upright, glowing, and hovering over the middle of the sorghum field. At first, when my husband looked at it, he said it was a truck. I said why would a truck or 4 wheeler or atv be in the middle of a field driving around. He said that he did not know. We talked this morning. He retracted what he said last night. It was 2 glowing disklike, upright structures hovering over the middle of the sorghum field. It was not touching the ground. My sister-in-law has observed pink orbs that change color and glow green, red, and amber on several occasions in the field. She lives on the next highway (Three Notch Road) to the west of my property. Something is going on. We have seen these objects and I am the only person willing to give an account of it. Most are so sarcastic that they think it is an agricultural drone. I do not. A drone would probably make a chain-saw like noise and have a strobe light on its bottom. I saw no stobe light and heard absolutely no noise. There was no wind on the night I got up in May and went outside.

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