UFO Sighting in Feasterville-Trevose, Pennsylvania on November 14th 2015 – Looked like flames in a clear bag. Saw one- burned out then saw two in a straight line from each other .

Driving northeat on Brownsville to saw an object to my east and about two football fields away didn’t look like a plane . Looked at it try a circle with my thumb and forefinger . It Didn’t blink at all. Wasn’t a plane it kept going east toward Bensalem . When it was maybe a quarter mile away it burned ou or disappeared like a shooting star . Tht was a whole minut process . So I got back in my car and headed northeast again and drove mayb 300 feet. I saw two objects not far above me at all going from west to east just south or just above Andrews rd . They were low to the ground no more than 100 feet from me but more like 50 feet from me . Two objects that looked like flames inside a clear paper bag or jellyfish or something . They were in the same exact trajectory and they were about 20 feet away from each other . I just watched them go east in a straight line until I couldn’t see them anymore . That was it . I went back 45 minutes later and saw a quiet helicopter go in a similar direction maybe looking for them by I didn’t confuse these three objects with helicopters . I figured those were coming from Willow grove Air Force base. Also saw three deer bač in Andrews road 45 minutes after the event .

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