UFO Sighting in Greenville, Alabama on November 13th 2015 – Bright star like object

My husband and I were at our cabin. It is a remote location outside of town. It was dark, we did not have any lights on. We were standing on our porch and a very bright object appeared high over the trees to the north of our location at about 5:40 pm. It was miles away but very bright. We thought at first just a very bright star, but then we noticed that it wobbled. It dropped a little and then would rise a little. It went to the left a little and then would go back to the right a little. There were airplanes flying in the area, which is normal. We then noticed that it appeared to have different lights that blinked or rotated around it. We looked through binoculars and saw green, red, yellow, white, and orange lights that looked like they just rotated around it or blinked. We watched it for about 25 minutes. Then two very low flying military carrier planes flew across the tree tops, this is not unusual for the area, we are near military bases that sometimes practice in the area. Then about 5 minutes later it disappeared. I’ve been a backyard stargazer for years and can spot planets, different stars, and most constellations. I’ve seen satellites and the space station, but this was something that I have never seen before. There was some cloud cover that seemed to dim it at times, but it was extremely bright.

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