UFO Sighting in Winchester, Massachusetts on August 12th 2011 – the best way i can describe it was basically like the board from the game trouble with lights all along the bottom

I was living in Winchester Massachusetts just out side of Boston i was standing outside my house smoking a cigarette when I saw bright flashing lights coming over the tree line i watched as it silently flew over my head it disnt move very fast it took about 4 minutes before it crossed the street and flew over my house as it did So it suddenly made a Sig zag pattern path before ascending into the sky in a bright streak of light very fast it only took about 10 seconds before it was so high in the sky that it disappeared from sight I’m not sure if any one else saw this or not but I did this craft was very large about the size of a small city I was in awe when I saw this it didn’t look like any ufo I had ever heard of i can only describe it as a squared shape with rounded corners there were around 50 lights on the undercarriage of the craft all flashing in unison like chasing Christmas lights after the craft bannished from my sight I was stunned but didn’t report it for fear of looking like I was crazy

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