Use of Natural Forces connect Blue Man and Scheider’s alien attack

Back in 2012 I had a number of encounters which lasted a for several weeks. One in particular involved the “Blue Man”. This entity informed me one night that he would be back the following night.
The next night I stepped outside for a smoke. When suddenly out of nowhere a deep azure streak of energy appeared and shot across the yard and terminated at the opposite fence line. One thing about the energy streak was that within a small area was a oval orange/dull white area. Doesn’t sound like much itself. But it spoke that this was not a mechanically produced energy beam. It was produced by a master adept. One who fully understands nature’s forces. It coincides with Schneider’s attack by and alien. Which after he had shot a couple, one (apparently unarmed) waved it’s hand in front of itself, then emitted a blue beam, hit Schneider nearly tearing him apart. This energy is known as “astral fire” I’ll give you a quote from Manly Hall 33rd degree Mason and mystic: Individuals who have mastered nature’s forces to such a degree that they can stop the heartbeat of a person on the other side of the earth with a mental ray, or burn a two-inch hole through a foot and a half of ebony with astral fire, are dangerous whenever met. This is the only reference I have ever encountered speaking of what a master can do with their mind. When fully indoctrinated into natures mysteries. The only other place you’ll find some references to such knowledge is in the Vedas.
Briefly, of my encounter one week prior to my experience. There was a fireball reported over Marin county. I saw it myself, a s a white ball of light streaking across the sky over SF. Didn’t appear to evaporate, but rather turn towards the Pacific. When the “Blue Man” left, another more beautiful fireball was seen from Monterey to Nevada. I believe this was his calling card. he produced this spectacle.
Long and short of it, if anyone wants to understand aliens better, look to the mysteries of mind and consiousness

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