Black Triangle Sighting in Tahoe City, California on June 15th 2014 – light appeared overhead then hovered in distance, while hiking in the woods

we were camping in black kaspian campgrounds outside of tahoe city ca. noticed an unfamiliar glow filtering through the dense pine trees. we began to hike towards the light, curious to what it was. The light seemed to elude us as we navigated through the trees. Coming to a clearing at the bottom of a fairly steep hill, the light(s) appeared to radiate from a ridge approx. 100 yards up the rise. We hiked upward in random direction, separating by a distance of a few hundred feet. I began experiencing chills and a sensation of dread. My girl was climbing at a faster pace than me, and angling off at a greater distance. I noticed very bright lights streaming from above. They scanned back and forth from my position to where my friend was, blinding me as they focused on me. My friend was enveloped in a glowing haze as the lights brushed past her. I was overcome by a intense fear and a sense of warning to leave the area. Reluctantly, my girl started down toward me,angry that I had been screaming ‘let’s go’. She also had witnessed the intense lights, but reasoned it to be sunlight filtering through the brush. The sun was setting low behind the mountain, so I didn’t accept her explanation and convinced her that we should return to our camp before dark.
At approx. 3 am we decided to hike a little in the woods. I took my camera,an average priced vivitar digital flash.we had a couple of halogen flashlights that put out bright light. The moonlight was enough to adjust our eyes to be able to see. The flashlights we used at random when we heard noises or such. I held my camera at arms length and snapped pictures at random. The bright flash of the camera lit up the forest in random direction every minute or so. After an hour or so, we headed back toward camp. It was at this time a light swooshed overhead and ‘melted’ into the trees ahead. It hovered a few hundred feet away in the forest, but three distinct lights shone through the darkness. I took some photos and hurried towards camp. In the final half a mile or so I snapped random pictures in every direction.
Back at camp we set up a makeshift perimeter that encircled our tent. Viewing the photos that night produced nothing but sleep for our tired eyes.
Several times until the daylight arrived, we heard the snap crackle of footsteps around the tent, but were not up to investigating. We were in bear and big cat country, so decided the tent was safety.
It wasn’t until I returned home and downloaded my camera onto my computer that I discovered what we experienced. The random photographs taken that night in the woods had captured images of what I believe are alien beings. These photos are 100% legitimate, real and unadulterated. The photos clearly show an alien staring at us from behind a tree. The face is captured in the realism you would expect from someone who had a flashbulb erupt in their face. Undeniable evidence. I have photos that show this , or more, aliens that presumably followed or trailed us to camp. A total of seven snapshots clearly show non human entities. These pictures are not faked photo shopped, or confused with something else. Expert analysis will verify that indeed something other than human has been captured on film and exist as living beings.

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