UFO Sighting in Corydon, Indiana on April 6th 2015 – multiple events over several years with vrying behaviors

From the first night I moved into my current residence I have been observing these objects. There is no consistency like you would have with planets or other celestial objects. It will occur for several nights in a row and then sometimes will not reoccur for months or years. At times it has made sudden moves such as getting out of the way of an airplane. One of the first encounters involved the object being fairly close to my position and when I went into the house to get my telescope it moved away to a farther position before I could get back through the door. A friend who was visiting actually saw it move. Another odd occurrence was when I was outside with my wife watching a thunder storm. There was lightning and no other objects were visible in the sky. Suddenly, the flashing object appeared as I had seen many times before. It was the only object in the sky. The it disappeared just as suddenly after the storm subsided. There have been numerous other events over the years. In the last year I finally got a camera that could capture some of he events. I have taken numerous pictures and videos on my camera documenting some of these behaviors. I am including a very small sample of pictures. I could not get the videos to attach. Note the first two pictures which were taken on a tripod with a delay so the camera was not being touched at the time the pictures were taken. The object changed shape within a few seconds. I would very much like to talk to an investigator and to show him more of my pictures and video

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