UFO Sighting in Knoxville, Tennessee on November 15th 2015 – was out with dog when I heard something. i turned around and saw this right above my head

It was around 9:20 PM on Nov 15 2015 when out walking my dog I heard a sound. It sounded like a car door or house door I thought and I turned around toward the northeast when I noticed a round light that was not real bright moving fast toward the NE. I thought it may be a drone but never could confirm or deny it being a drone. It appeared right over our heads about 20 or so feet above us. It had a tail that was glowing. It did not look like a flame (it was a lot whiter(brighter) than the orb that was more the color of a light bulb) but was about 12 inches long following the orb that seemed to be the size of a baseball.It only lasted a few seconds and either accelerated or just blinked out. It happened so fast. There were 3 airplanes in the sky while this happened but they were way up in the sky and were east of where we were.
I do not know if the noise I heard came from the orb but could not find any source for the noise that got my attention to turn around.

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